About me

I am a Principal Researcher and Group Leader at the Samsung AI Centre in Cambridge, U.K., working on efficient Vision and Language. The mission at SAIC-Cambridge is to conduct research that acts as a key enabler for the commercialization of new features within the ever-growing portfolio of Samsung's AI products. As part of this mission, we routinely conduct novel research and publish it at top venues, while also working with other teams within Samsung to bring the technology into products. 
In the past years, my group has worked on contrastively-trained V&L models, LMMs, and image generation. We have significant expertise in both large-scale training and on-device porting, allowing us to exploit synergies, e.g. from optimization-based compression and/or quantization techniques, to architectural changes that improve the efficiency of on-device inference.

Before joining Samsung, I worked for about 3 years for Amazon in Seattle, where I enjoyed being part of the Amazon Go and AWS Rekognition teams.

I am interested in a wide variety of topics in machine learning and computer vision - in fact, most often it is the process, the team, and the prospect of impact that I find most appealing rather than the topic itself. While most of my work during my years in academia has been on face analysis, I have worked on topics as diverse as human action recognition, binary neural networks, knowledge distillation, and lipreading.

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